How foolish I am??

Okay,,it had been while since the last time I wrote. Hmm,,,,today I want to retell the story of my foolish again.

It was 8 august 2009. That day me and my campus friends were planning to go to Singapore,,well,,,at last,,,that’s my first time to go abroad…and without my parents. Yeah,,according to tha schedule, the flight took off at 1.30 pm, but we had to attend before 11 am. Off course,,,I went to the airport accompanied by my parents, they were picking me up. We took the back way to the airport and it took only 1 hour and I arrived at 9. Hmm,,,too early wasn’t it?

While waiting the others, we had breakfast in HokBen. I sent an sms to Samir and told her that I had arrived and she replied that she was on the way.

Not so  long, Samir sent me sms, she said that she had arrived and told me to come and join with the others. Well, it should not been a problem, but I didn’t see her coming. So, I called her to asked where she was.

Me: “where are you Mir?”

Samir: “here, in D2 gate”

Me: “hey,,I’m here in D2 gate too, I’m standing exactly in front of the door”

Samir: “I’m with the others near Mc.D”

Me: “okay, I come there in a while”

(at this stated, me and my parents went out to Mc D to see them, but when we arrived there was no one. I called samir again to confirm)

Me:” hey, I’m here in Mc.D,,where are you?”

Samir:”here, inside the Mc.D”

(in my position, I didn’t see anyone I know there. I was pretty sure, because that place was un crowded)

Me:”I didn’t see you. Are you really in gate D2?”

Samir:”yes, we  are here, in D2 gate. Are you in departure or arrival?”

Me:”he? are they in different gate?”


Me: “oh, I see,,,that’s why we didn’t meet. Okay I’ll go there immediately.”

(with full of  myself confidence I took my family to walk to other gate)

Me:”my friend said,,we should go to the departure section, not the arrival. So, we should walk this way”

(we kept on walking to the other direction, and arrived at E2 gate?!)

Me: (I decided to call samir again) “mir, I’ve been in E2 gate,,,but I haven’t seen you”

Samir:”okay, I’ll wait in the middle of the street in front of dunkin”

(so, we went back to dunkin in D2 gate)

Me:”where are you mir? I’m in front of dunkin”

Samir:”here, I’m in the minddle of the street. I wear black shirt”

Me:” I don’t see you,,,” ( the situation at that time was uncrowded there, so I was pretty sure that I didn’t see samir there. I began to think, is there another dunkin shop in D2 gate?)

Me: (I tried to ask the waitress of food and drink shop near me) “sorry, where is the departure D2 gate?”

She:”oh,,there is the departure “( pointing the door where I’ve been in the first place)

Me: (I called samir again, to make sure) “mir, the departure section was straight ahead to the parking right?”

Samir:”yes, just go straight ahead from the parking, there is a sigh D2 gate in front of the door”

Me:”yes, that’s right. I met with the sign. But, where are you? I don’t see any of you. Okay, I’ll try to ask the waitress again.”

Me:”sorry miss, but, where is the departure section?”

She:”just go straight ahead” (poiting the place I was in the fisrt place)

Me:” the same as the arrival section?”

She:” no, the arrival section is here, but the departure is upper.”

(what!!!! So,,the departure section was on 1st floor while the arrival in ground floor)


Why didn’t she tell me earlier that they were in different level??

As I understand the situation, I realize that on the road sign, the arrow for arrival was to the door inside, but an arrow pointing upper level for the departure.

Because of my foolishly, I got a lecture from  my parents. ( I mean they were grumbling of me, because they had told me to ask people around before going to anywhere I dunno)


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