my temperament

You Have a Melancholic Temperament

(oo,,,oow,,,dah gue duga,,,kaya gini,,,aahhaha)

Introspective and reflective, you think about everything and anything.

(setuju!!!!! think about everything and anything)

You are a soft-hearted daydreamer.

(maksudnya tukang ngayal gitu??)

You long for your ideal life.

(every one dreams about it)

You love silence and solitude.

(ya,,,dalam diam,,kan  bisa ngamatin orang2..hehe..bukan solitude tapi!!)

Everyday life is usually too chaotic for you.

(ya..klo diperhatiin,,,gitu deh…too chaos for a little girl like me..)

Given enough time alone, it’s easy for you to find inner peace.

(iya,,makanya,,,kadang,,gue butuh keadaan damai)

You tend to be spiritual, having found your own meaning of life.

(sometimes…klo lagi lurus…)

Wise and patient, you can help people through difficult times.

( jadi tempat sampah curhatan, tepatnya…huff)

At your worst, you brood and sulk. Your negative thoughts can trap you.

(ahaha,,,,makanya,,,saat2 itu,,,mendingan gue menjauh dari orang2…)

You are reserved and withdrawn. This makes it hard to connect to others.

(hmm,,,emang suka susah kok klo connect sama gue…hehe)

You tend to over think small things, making decisions difficult.

(makanya,,,sering minta pendapat orang buat nyelesain,,,tapi..sambil nemuin jawabanya sendiri…hoho)


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