go crazy @dufan


hmm,,,,last saturday,,,,i went to dufan with my workmates,,,it’s been so long since the last time i went there,,

the ticket is so expensive now,,,it’s Rp 150.000 and there is no promo… huff 😦

lucky us,,,it was uncrowded….yuhuu!!!

i’ve prepare the route so we won’t waste any time.

1. KORA-KORA,,,o’course since it is the opening adrenal- game

2.when we saw the queue to cinema 3D “the journey to the center of the earth” was still uncrowded,,we decide to go there,,

3. Arung Jeram,,,since we know there will be long line to play this after 12 o’clock,,,we decided to play this unsual,,,”getting wet early”,,

4. to dry our clothes and pants, we choosed Halilintar…because i love this game so much,,,i ran first to the stage,,and take the first round leaving my friends,,since there is no queue, i just moving from the front seat to the back seat in the second round. the people that took the first round with me said, “what? she play again?”


well,,o’course my intention to play in dufan was to take the adrenal-game as much as i can,,,i don’t want waste my money only for playing child-game (gajah bledug,etc)

so,,,i took kicir2, and the new game,hysteria.i didn’t play tornado, coz there is a time when it stop with head position to the ground,,and that makes my head dizzy,,,i feel like my blood flow to my head..

at first,,,after pray dzuhur,,,we took kicir2,,,ahaha,,,if 1 of my friends want to play it again,,,i’ll accompany her happily…

the goal was hysteria…i’ve read all info about this new game,,,it has 2 tower with 12 seats each. we will pull to the top of the tower (60m) with 100km/hours speed..and pull down with 60 km/hours speed. okay,,,maybe it is a little bit scary,,,but,,,i want to try it,,,rp 150.000 that i paid was for this!!!

and do you know?? i played this games 4 times!!!  😀

really,,,it’s not as scary as you think of…


the extreme game i played were kora-kora, kicir-kicir, halilintar 3 times, hysteria 4 times…

hmm,,,i think my 150 thousand as worth as these… 😀

so,,,be prepare if u ask me to play with u in dufan,,,u should have strength to handle the crazy me…


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