i’m fallin’

huwaaa,,,,, it’s really the first time i felt like this,,, my heart thumps every time i remember the words u said…

i keep reading the words u wrote in our secret place and that makes me miss u more…

the way u show me that u care is kind of weird,,,but,,,i like it,, and i end up with smile after read it.. πŸ™‚

i usually caring people around me,,,but,,when u care about me,,,it makes me want u always care about me.. πŸ™‚

maybe u think that maybe someday i’ll regret what i feel right now..

coz maybe u think that someday i want to choose, or u think that u r not suitable for me..

but,,,the the facts are,,i’m the one who worry of losing u, i’m the one who think maybe someday u’ll have another choice, i’m the one who think that i’m not as good as u hope… 😦

once more, as i always say:

“this feeling is not something i’ll regret,,,u rΒ  the first one who i allowed to confess ur feeling for me,,and the one to hear my confession,,

the more i know u,,, the more i feel for u,,, the more i’m fallin’ for u,,,

the more i hope that u r the only partner in my life”

-i’m fallin’ in love with u-


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