today is soooooo weird day!!! :D

this was really happened to me..(well o’course,,,if not i won’t tell u.. :D)

okay,,,it started with this morning…
WHAT DAY IS IT TODAY??? that was the first question for my self..
do u know?? i thought today was thursday!! 😀
OMG!!! i really did…i wore cloth,jeans, and sendal jepit,,to go to a place, i called office…yeah…since it was thursday..i could use non-formal outfit…
when i arrived..there was OB who cleaned the office..and,,since (i thought) today was long as i remembered,,he didn’t work on asked him “lho, mas anto kok masuk? bukannya sekarang kamis ya?”
“lho, emang sekarang kamis ya mba?” replied mas anto..
“loh,,,bukannya sekarang kamis ya?” i replied to make sure..
both mas anto and i tried to search calendar,,,and for me…i checked my cell phone…
on the screen,,there was three letters that made me speechless..”THU”…
huwaaaaaaaa….so,,today was thurday!!! OMG!!! (i tried to reorganize my twodays memories) that’s true!! how can i forgot??
well then,,,i wore the wrong outfit today!!! 😦

about 9 o’clock,,,i checked my email..
there was a suprising email from was an invitation for interview in PSJ-UI..ALHAMDULILLAH,,i got the chance to attend this opportunity..hmm,,according to email,,it would hold on 9 march at 13.00PM.. okay,,i made a plan for this interview,,what cloth,shoes,some knowledges, and the reason to the office for not coming tommorow..
i read the email many times,,and imagined what would happend tommorow..
should i notified my friend about this opportunity,,so they could helped me? hmm,,,i still thought about it,,,until,,,
i realized something so important…

Astagfirullah…and once again… TODAY was 9 march!!!
OMG!!! what should i do???
okay,,the interview held on 13.00 PM..i still had,,CV? i can download it from my email…
the main problem= i wore wrong outfit!!!!
at that time,,i was so worried…”what shouls i do?” this opportunity maybe only once..”
hm,,at last,,,i told one of my friend about this..and she said she would lent me her shirt, skirt, and shoes…
ooohhhh,,,,i’m so thankfull to my sis…
so,,,at 11 o’clock,,,we asked a permission to our friend to go to her homestay..

12 o’clock,,i arrived at FIB,,since the interview began at 13,,i had sometime to prepare..
12.30..i was in PSJ,,but the EO said,,it reschedule to 13.30..okay,,i still had time to relax… 😀
14 o’clock..the event began..
just like many interview,,it began with company presentation..WOOWWW…that’s the perfect word to describe when they showed a video about their dream about IT,,,SO COOL!!!hope to try it,have it!! and more over,,hope it will be free,, 😀
the interview conduct in a non-formal style,,unlike interview at bank,, 😀
well,,i can choose what language i want to use,,,so i used both indonesian and english,,with indonesian as the major.,so i can speak a lot o’ things without thinking 😀

at about 15.30,,i finished the interview,,well i don’t know what the resut,,but i’ve tried,, 🙂

after that…i went back to office..and when i arrived,,my friends were playing uno,,,:D
just like usual,,i go home at 16.30..when i opened the door, the bus has just left,,,so i run to kober-the place where it stopped to wait the passanger.

nothing special on my way home,,,except when i got to the public transport (angkot),,the second one..i didn’t notice its label..
well,,,to get to my home,,usually,,i take angkot muncul,,but,,today,,i took pamulang 2…
i didn’t realized it,,until,,it turn to pamulang 2…then i saw the label “pamulang 2” on its mirror..
how could i choose the wrong angkot???
whereas,i usually see the label many times when i got to it…
how can today i’m not doing the same??

huff,,,today was really a weird day!!!


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